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Chongqing donghuan technology development co., LTD.

      Chongqing donghuan technology development co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterpriseintegrating the research, development, production and trade of cosmetics rawmaterials. The factory is located in zone A of industrial park of degan town,jiangjin. lts registered capital is 20 million yuan, and itsạctual investment is 40million yuan.
      Jiangjin degan industrial park is one of the first provincial development zonesapproved by chongqing government and confirmed by national development andreform commission. The park is located in the main urban area of jiangjin, which is40 kilometers away from chongqing. From the jiangbei international airport 70kilometers, the outer ring expressway in chongqing and southwest vomitorium inthe park on the east side to wipe, and chengdu- chongqing railway, near thegolden water surrounded on three sides, abuts national extremely deep waterharbor, water rail transport hub in southwest China, home Tuo port, waterwaytraffic is very convenient, is the amphibious transportation hub in southwest Chinaand goods distribution.

      Our company adheres to the people-oriented principle, pursues the internationalfrontier unceasingly, conforms to the customer demand, strengthens the technicaldevelopment, and establishes the long-term cooperation relationship withchongqing institute of chemical technology. At present, the company has a specialresearch center, and a number of professional senior technology developmentengineers engaged in the development of cosmetics raw materials, and providefree application technology services for the majority of users.
      On the basis of mastering the key technology of cationic macromolecularproduction, our company has obtained the patents of cationic guar gum andcationic hyaluronic acid on cationic cellulose. The main products of the companyare cationic cellulose series, cationic guar gum series and quaternary ammoniumsalt -4 series. And we also provides functional additives and high quality productsat home and abroad. We are China's largest production of cationic celluloseproduction base, with the highest cost performance products!
      The company relies on the advanced production equipment, the consummationquality management system, guaranteed the product good quality. The companyis willing to cooperate with customers at home and abroad for a long time andestablish extensive business contacts.