Diamino Pyrimidine Oxide

(Hair growth promoter DH-126)

Product profile

Appearance:Light white crystalline powder
Efficacy: Inhibits hair loss, firms hair roots and promotes hair growth.
Chemical name:2,4-diamino pyrimidine-3-Oxide
INCI name:Diamino Pyrimidine Oxide 

Molecular formula:C4H6N4O

CAS: 74638-76-9
molecular weigh:126.11664
Product Characteristics
In the growth stage, it acts on the deep structure of the hair roots to increase the number of hair, restore the vitality of the hair roots, and make the hair grow continuously and healthily. The fibrosis around the hair follicles makes the collagen around the roots harden and tighten, thus leading to hair loss. Diaminopyrimidine oxides help soften collagen, can be used to soften collagen, can be used in hair products, treatment of hair loss due to premature loss of hair roots.

Technical specifications

Hair Oil, Hair Conditioner, Hair Water, Shampoo, Hair Gel, Treatment of Seasonal Alopecia
Recommended usage
It is recommended to use 0.5% - 2% of anti desquamation and 2% - 5% of cure dosage
Packaging Storage
Package: Aluminum film bag (lined with polyethylene plastic bag); 1kg/bag.
Storage: Please store in a cool and dry place with a shelf life of 24 months.