(skin lightener----D-White166)
Product Information
Appearance: white to off-white powder  
Function: unique skin whitening and care product,Compound formula for sunscreen, after-sun and skin care products
Recommended content: 0.1%- 5.0%
Product Characteristics
The 4-butylresorcinol can be used in cosmetics as skin lightener, antioxidant and preservative and has the following main characteristics: 
    1)inhibiting the melanin pigmentation, chloasma and freckle;
    2)UV resistant; 
    3)penetrating into deep skin rapidly;
    4) high safety and hypoallergenic.
    5)Anti - uv, hydrogen peroxide - induced DNA damage has a strong protective effect
Technical Indicators 

It can penetrate into deep skin rapidly;
It can prevent the formulation of melanin and has better effects than other 

traditional skin whitening products.

It can be used safely because it is free of any aromatic or pigment additive.

(It naturally exists in lavender oil, valerian oil, myristica oil, Sri Lanka citronella oil, cajuput oil and strawberries, and exists in the n-butyric acid of cream in the form of glyceride.)
Packaging: aluminum film bag (lined with polyethylene plastic bag)
It shall be stored in dry place and protected from light, with the shelf life of two years at least.