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Hard core! Degan Industrial Park Donghuan technology has successfully developed new non-toxic disinf

    Current epidemic situation
    How to deal with the shortage of disinfection products?
    Donghuan technology, a "hard core" enterprise in Jiangjin
    Transfer part of cosmetic raw material production line
    Production of disinfection products!
    And self-developed

    New non-toxic non irritant non flammable disinfection products!

    Chongqing Donghuan Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Donghuan Technology) is a high-tech enterprise integrating the R & D, production and trade of cosmetics raw materials. It mainly produces and sells cationic cellulose, cationic guar gum, hydroxypropylmethylfibroin, liquid crystal conditioner and other cosmetics conditioners and thickeners.        Its products are widely sold in domestic and foreign markets Favor.
How to transfer production smoothly to make disinfection products
"The company mainly produces cosmetics raw materials, and has inherent advantages in raw materials and equipment." Zhang Kelun, chairman of Donghuan technology and senior chemical engineer, said.

   During the epidemic, knowing the shortage of disinfection products in and out of the area, Donghuan technology immediately started to prepare for the transition of production, "cross-border assistance" disinfection product supply. After returning to work, the company quickly emptied two reaction kettles for the production of disinfectant, alcohol, hand sanitizer and other disinfection products.

                          Donghuan science and technology production workshop
   Up to now, it has produced more than 7 tons of disinfection products, which are mainly sold to Jiangjin district and Jiangbei, Yubei, Jiulongpo, Bishan, Changshou and other places in the city, and a few of them are sold outside the city.
   Enterprises can change their production rapidly without the "nanny" service in the park. Due to the original production of cosmetics raw materials, without the sanitation license of the disinfection product production enterprise, the enterprise has encountered a "bottleneck" in the process of production conversion, which can be a serious problem for the cadres in the factory of the German sense Industrial Park.
  "Enterprises must also" awesome "for epidemic prevention and control. After learning about the actual situation of Donghuan technology, Jiaguo made two-sided preparations, one was to contact relevant departments to implement the license, the other was to contact the degan police station of the District Public Security Bureau to conduct 14 day action trace investigation for the employees of the enterprise.      On February 25, the enterprise was able to return to work and resume production, and the transition work was successfully put on the right track.
Successful development of new disinfection products

    "At present, 84 disinfectant bought on the market is mainly composed of sodium hypochlorite with a concentration of 5-7%. It has strong oxidation and corrosiveness. When consumers use it, they need to dilute it 50-100 times. While alcohol is inflammable and explosive, it is easy to produce hidden dangers in the process of storage and use. " After transferring to disinfection products, Zhang Kelun found that the traditional disinfection products still have the above "hard injury".

                           Donghuan science and technology production workshop
    "We select and develop the existing raw materials of the enterprise, and finally determine the poly quaternary amine salt as the raw material. After R & D and processing, the product has the advantages of high-efficiency sterilization and disinfection, as well as non-toxic, non irritating and non flammable." About Zhang Kelun.
    After careful preparation and sudden research and development of technical personnel, a new type of disinfection product is on the way. At present, the R & D of the product is basically completed and has entered the trial production stage.
    Affected by the epidemic situation, Donghuan technology also plans to build a new sterilization raw material base in the enterprise to produce and use by itself, to solve the problems of raw material purchase and logistics transportation of disinfection products.
    Data shows that last year, the output value of Donghuan science and technology enterprises increased by 30% year-on-year. This year, since the resumption of production, the enterprises have taken the "three shifts" approach to ensure production. Up to now, the output value has not been affected by the epidemic, slightly increased compared with the same period last year, and the annual output value is expected to increase by 50% year-on-year.